9 Types of Wagons

Wagons have a way of reminding us of the days when we were younger. Getting pulled on the tractor, or having our parents pull us as we went for a walk. That particular type of wagon is actually just one of many different types. In this article, we want to take a deeper look at 9 different types of wagons. 

There are wagons for kids, for pony rides, for construction, for heavy loads, for roofing, and so much more! One of the nice things is that Lapp Wagons offers a 2-year warranty against any failure of components on all types of wagons! What makes these wagons different from each other? Let’s find out. 

Types Of Wagons: Kids

Our first type of wagon is the one most visualized when it comes to the different types of wagons. The iconic
kid’s wagons are perfect for all ages! When it comes to kid’s wagons, there are actually many different sizes and styles. What you will find with most wagons, is the ability to customize to your desires. Here are a few of the favorite types of kid’s wagons.

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Mini Wagon 

This is the most affordable of the types of kid’s wagons. If you are just looking for a gift for your child to get outside and have fun playing in your neighborhood…the mini wagon is the wagon for you. 

Types of wagons mini

Large Wagon

This wagon is the most popular of all of our kid’s wagons. Available in different colors, this wagon comes outfitted to hold a bigger capacity than the mini. Customize your large wagon today!


Types of wagons large

Jumbo Wagon

This wagon is a slight step up from the large wagon. If you find that your kids cannot leave home without their favorite toys…the jumbo wagon is right for you! Bring along stuffed animals, Hotwheels, their favorite action hero, or any toys as you travel to your favorite hiking destination.

Types of wagons Jumbo

Beach Wagon

The beach wagons are perfect for…you guessed it…the beach! This wagon is the most customizable out of all the different types of wagons. Customize things like bed size, wheel size, wheel style, capacity, and more! Take your chairs, umbrellas, and kids to the beach all in your new wagon!

types of wagons beach wagon

Heavy Duty Pull

Our last of the different types of wagons for kids is the Heavy Duty Pull. This wagon will transport your kids and all of their gear. Whether they are into sports, dancing, theater, music, or anything in between…this wagon is perfect for the heavier halls. Do you have multiple children around the same age? Bring your whole family to the park in this wagon.

870 double tandem wagon

Types Of Wagons: Work

Our next selection of wagons are all for the work you can get done with them. We know that you have a lot going on at home, and at work. Sometimes at the same time! These types of wagons will make life a little bit easier as you tackle those hard projects in both locations.

types of wagons work wagon

Yard & Garden

Mulch can be an absolute pain to deal with. Using a shovel to try and carry it to all of your flower beds is almost impossible. Transporting it, or anything else, to all of the different areas of your home, gets tiring without the right tools. Grab a yard and garden wagon for everything you need to do in order to take care of your property. In plastic and aluminum, these wagons will get the job done and save you time and your sanity!

types of wagons yard and garden

Dump Cart

Dump carts are made for jobs that get a little bit too intense for the yard and garden wagons. Collecting firewood for the year? This wagon will transport the forest for you. Looking to move some power equipment that is just too much to carry? The dump cart will bear the burden! Also available in plastic and aluminum, contact us so that you can get yours straight-a-way.

types of wagons dump cart

Commercial Roofing

Working on a roof all day can be extremely tough. It seems like it’s 90 degrees and blisteringly hot, or 35 degrees and freezing! Take a few steps out of the roofing process and get yourself and your company a wagon. These wagons hold heavy loads, while also having the ability to dump. Whether you are sorting or getting things off the roof, the commercial roofing wagon is right for you.

types of wagons dump cart


The farm wagon loves being outdoors. Whether in the field or in your greenhouse, this durable wagon is ready to transport all of your plants! Available in 3 different sizes, the metal frame is sure to haul anything you have while also being extremely easy to clean!

types of wagons farm market

Heavy Duty

Of all of the different types of work wagons, the heavy-duty wagon gives you the ability to transport bigger and oblong objects. With a 2,500 pound capacity, this wagon will work with forklifts as well! The one model is enough when it comes to this heavy-duty wagon. Need more power? Try towing this wagon in multiple quantities!

types of wagons heavy duty wagon


Our pumpkin wagons remind us of why we love fall. Pumpkin wagons are closely related to our kid’s wagons but are designed to haul the classic fall treat for the whole family. That is why we wanted to put them under work wagons. Create a pumpkin picking family tradition by grabbing a wagon that will last a lifetime. With a hardwood base and a welded steel frame…you can collect pumpkins for each room in the house!

types of wagons pumpkin wagon


Whether selling or growing plants and veggies…the produce wagon will give you plenty of space to layout your precious garden. With the optional add-on of a canopy, never let your produce go bad again! Take one trip with this powder-coated steel wagon. Traversing some rough landscape? Try the heavy-duty turf wheels!

type of wagons produce wagon

Types Of Wagons: Pony

The pony wagons have to be the most fun of the 9 types of wagons we have gone over. You get to be pulled by one of the most adorable animals of all time! Let your kids sit back and relax as they take a ride straight out of a fairytale. Choose your size, capacity, and extra add-ons to begin your journey. Looking for more seating? We have that. Need space for a pony wagon grocery store trip? We have your back. (That would be the coolest trip to the grocery store ever).

types of wagons pony cart

Types Of Wagons: Conclusion

There are different types of wagons to fit your needs no matter what. Need to bring heavy tools to your shed? There is a wagon for that. Want to take the kids hiking? There is a wagon for that. Need to organize your herbs, veggies, and flowers? You bet there is a wagon for that.

Whether you are working, shopping for your kids, or trying to go on the next adventure…Lapp Wagons has the perfect wagon for you. All of these wagons are Amish-made, so you know that you are getting the best possible quality.

Have any questions or need more information? Reach out to us! Don’t forget to fill out the coupon form for $10 off your purchase. You can find it right at the bottom of our wagons page. We cannot wait to talk to you and get you outfitted for the wagon that you need!

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