Wheelbarrow Wheels

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Wheelbarrow Wheels

Whether you need a replacement wheelbarrow wheel or multiple wheelbarrow wheels for resale, Lapp Wheels is your source for high-quality pneumatic and flat-free wheelbarrow wheels. We offer a variety of wheels and bearing sizes as well as a full wheelbarrow replacement kit to make sure you are up and running very quickly.

Wheelbarrow Wheels come standard with spacers to fit 3” or 6” hub and 5/8 or 3/4 bb.

See our Wheelbarrow Wheels selection below, contact us if you need a specific size for your Wheelbarrow Wheel.

Choosing a Wheelbarrow Wheel

Getting the right wheelbarrow wheel for your needs is important. You don't want to buy a wheel only to discover that it does not fit your wheelbarrow. We are here to help you find the right wheel to make your backyard work or your business work easier. 

What to Look for in Wheelbarrow Wheel (See the Guide)

  • The Wheel Diameter
  • The Bearing Size (bore hole)
  • The Hub Size
  • Flat Free or Pneumatic (air-filled)

See the Wheelbarrow Wheel Sizing Guide to help make sure you get the right wheel. 

Do you need a Kit or Just a Wheel Barrow Wheel?

finding the right wheelbarrow wheels

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is:

Do I need a wheelbarrow replacement wheel kit or just a wheel?

Here are a few tips to help you decide. 

  1. Do you have the axle bar? That is the round tube which the wheel slide over on your wheelbarrow. If it rusted, bent or for some reason needs replaced, you will want to buy a wheel replacement kit. The flat-free replacement kit includes the bar, bushings and all you should need to get your wheelbarrow up and running.
  2. If your bar is in good shape, be sure to measure the size of the bar and purchase a wheelbarrow wheel with the proper sized bearing to fit your axle bar. In this case you can choose between a 13 inch flat free wheelbarrow wheel, a 16 inch flat free wheelbarrow wheel or a 16 inch air filled wheel
  3. PLEASE NOTE: If you need a 14.5" wheelbarrow wheel, choose the wheelbarrow replacement kit. 
  4. If you are not sure which one you need, you can buy the full wheelbarrow wheel replacement kit just to be safe. 

HINT: Be sure to check your existing wheel size on the wall of your tire so you purchase the right one. 

And if you are still not sure... Give us a call at:

(717) 733-2117