heavy duty wagon

The Heavy Duty Wagon:

Flat Roofing Cart for Tough Jobs

If you work in the roofing industry then you know what it feels like to carry material and tools up and down. Constantly going back and forth to retrieve things that are just too heavy to carry. The Heavy Duty Wagon makes it easier for roofers everywhere to get their materials from one place to another. Carry 2500 pounds of materials in one trip!

If you are looking for a tool to make your roofing job easier, then this roofing cart is just for you. Bring all the supplies you need in one trip to save time, energy, and job performance with the amazing roofing cart. We dare you to try it on your job site! This cart combined with our commercial roofing dump wagon make a perfect combo.

Flat Material Handling Carts For Roofers Everywhere

Closer Look at the Heavy Duty Wagon

flat wagon cart options


The flat wagon cart offers plenty of options including coloring selection. Each wagon is made with the same high-quality material.
flat wagon cart turning

Easy Turning

The flat wagon cart provides easy turning for your convenience. Never think about difficult turning again, even with heavy items.
flat wagon cart steering


The heavy-duty steering is bolted down for a long-lasting and durable lifetime and no handling problems.
yard and garden cart handle


The handle on the flat wagon cart is built with hard metal and made to pull over 2000 pounds of heavy haul.

The Heavy Duty Wagon Cart

The Heavy Duty Wagon cart is available in one model. This wagon is made with heavy-duty metal and bolted in with strong bolts to ensure a long life for your flat wagon cart. This flat wagon cart has a wheel diameter of 16” x 6.50-8 flat-free wheels. All flat wagon carts come with a limited 2-year warranty and a 2500 pound weight limit.

Like no other!

Amazing service with quality built wagons.

The Flat Roofing Cart Finishes The Job

The flat wagon cart is used to haul roofing materials and equipment so that you and your team can work on the job right away. Roofing can be cause great damage, make you life a bit easier with the flat wagon cart today!
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