Replacement Tires and Wheels

Find your replacement flat free tires or pneumatic tires for air compressors, hand trucks (dollies), generators, pressure washers, and other utility equipment. We offer a variety sizes, treads and designs to meet your needs and even offer quantity discounts and wholesale options for wheels. We are happy to assist in any way possible. Give us a call at  717-733-2117 we will answer your questions.

Hard Rubber Tires

These hard rubber tires are most useful for hand trucks.

Flat Free Tires

Flat free tires for wagons, air compressors and more.

Pneumatic Tires

Flat air filled tires for your utility carts, garden wagons and more.

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Wheelbarrow Replacement Tires

Flat free and Pneumatic tires for your wheelbarrow.

Flat Free Spoke Tires

Flat free tires for your garden cart, pony cart and more.

No matter the reason for your need for the tires, these rubber wheels are sure to get you back into action because of their dependability and solid construction. You could be hauling equipment down the road, or hauling mulch in your backyard…the truth stays the same. A broken, flat, or damaged wheel can be dangerous and frustrating. If you have ever had the misfortune of blowing a tire or trying to pull your child ½ mile on a flat wagon tire you know the desperate need for a quality replacement. 

While all of these tires are made of rubber, solid rubber tires aka hard rubber tires actually are completely solid the whole way through. While these tires are becoming more readily available in the automotive industry, their main use today is on carts and hand trucks. 

These wheels are actually the most durable of the ones listed because they do not use air or foam in the middle. The smooth travel and less maintenance needed, allow these tires to be cost-effective for backyard work. 

The most popular sizes for these tires are 8”, 10.5”, and 12”. 

Flat Free tires are tires that are filled with a polyurethane or foam substance. These tires have no pressure gauge because there is no air involved. Because they do not routinely need maintenance, they are best used for items that see a lot of use. 

Wheelchairs, scooters, hand trucks, and utility carts are all primary options to receive flat-free tires. These replacement rubber wheels also feature varying treads that allow you to customize to your environment.

Pneumatic tires are tires that are filled with air and need to be maintained to their individual PSI levels. These replacement rubber wheels are the ones that most people are used to. They are often used on cars because of the benefits in control, speed, and breaking. These tires can allow for more control with the tread because of the air, faster speeds, and better stopping. 

These tires can also come in different forms. Some are like bicycle tires which have tubes, while others are like car tires that do not. Available in different sizes as well as with and without spokes, these tires make the perfect replacements for bicycles, carts, wheelbarrows, and more!

You can replace your wheelbarrow tires with the appropriately sizes rubber wheels. Whether yard-work, masonry, landscaping, or anything else…wheelbarrows see a lot of action. This causes more wear and tear on the tires specifically. Wheelbarrow wheels can come in both flat-free and pneumatic tires. 

When choosing which type of wheelbarrow wheel you want, it is important to figure out your use of that wheelbarrow. If you want something that will carry more weight over being smooth to move, pneumatic tires are the ones for you. If you are doing mulch work, or any equal backyard work…flat-free replacement rubber wheels could suit you better.

Spokes are added in flat-free tires to create a support system. Mainly, spoke tires are pneumatic, but in certain cases, flat-free spoke tires can be an option. These wheels are for the same purpose as most replacement rubber wheels, but allow for extra support for carts while being mandatory on some off road bikes. 

Since Pneumatic tires are air filled, they can go flat. Be sure to check your tire pressure each month to figure out if your wheel is still holding air well. 

The standard sizes for wheelbarrow wheels are 13″ and 16″. These 2 rubber wheels will fit a majority of wheelbarrows and allow for easy transportation of materials. 

To find out more about the natural rubber we use in our tires, check out our article!

Quantity Discounts on Wheels

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