9 Kid’s Wagon Accessories

Can You Really Customize Wagons?

Most people may not think about customizing wagons. Cars, sure. Phones, of course. But there are actually 9 different customization options when it comes to our kid’s wagons. Our goal is to briefly describe each one of these wagon accessories to you so that you can make your next trip fun by grabbing one of our wagons and allowing it to suit your needs with the accessories that you can add on. 

Today, there is one group of people that have kept the spirit of the wagon alive. Our kids! Do you remember your small red wagon from your childhood? I do. I remember my grandfather hooking up the small red wagon to the mower and pulling me around his 9-acre property. I also remember coming inside with a lot of sunburn! Ouch! In this post, we are going to take a look at a few additions that could be perfect for your wagon!

cooler wagon accessories

Wagon History

As an older generation may like to say… “back in the day”, wagons were found among a lot of travelers. Today, we don’t really use wagons to traverse the countryside anymore. If you are, we would love to know how it is going. 

Historically, wagon accessories, like the cover, were canvas or cotton covers that protected the people on the wagon from sun, rain, and dust.   

The other wagon accessories could have included horses or oxen, wheels, replaceable parts, and storage space. Wagon accessories look a little bit different today. Let’s start off with our first one!

wagon accessories for kids wagons in lancaster pa

Types of Wagon Accessories

Wagon Covers

The kid’s wagons from Lapp are created for your families to create memories. One of the best ways to make memories with our wagons is to be together, outside away from home. Trips to a lake, the beach, or on a hike are perfect places to use our wagons. One of the things that can make the experience better is by having your own version of the wagon cover. 

We all know the stories of kids saying “are we there yet” all the way to the destination, but then tiring out much faster than we ever thought possible once they got there. The wagon covers are designed to shelter your children from the elements of the outdoors, as well as help create a place where they can take a break. The 2 options of these wagon accessories that we have are the Conestoga Wagon Cover and the Wagon Sun Top.

  • The Conestoga Wagon Cover is a complete cover for the wagon of your choice. Available in 4 sizes, it functions like the wagon covers of old; keeping out the dust, sun, and rain! This cover is perfect for small children who can’t be in the sun for too long, or your toddler who just needs a break. 
wagon accessories cover 1
  • The Wagon Sun Top is a version of the wagon cover that allows the breeze to flow in from all sides. Since these wagon covers cannot retract and function quite like the pioneers’ covers, we have created a simple topper for your wagon to protect you from all of the rays.
wagon accessories cover 2

Extra-High Racks

The extra high racks are exactly what they sound like! Higher wagon racks all around the sides of your wagon for additional safety. If your kids are anything like ours, they love playing, climbing, and are very inquisitive. We want to make sure your kids are safe when they are taking a ride on the trail, to the neighbor’s house, or even just around the backyard.

wagon accessories rack

Hitch Options

There are 2 hitch options for each of our kid’s wagons that you can choose from… The standard pull handle and the handle with tractor hitch combination.

  • The standard pull handle is the typical wagon handle that you can use to pull your wagon yourself. This is what you would use to simply take a walk somewhere with your children. 
wagon accessories handle 1
  • The second hitch option allows you to connect your wagon to something like a tractor. The small “vehicle/motorized object” that you want to attach your wagon to will have a hitch on the back of it. You can then connect your wagon hitch and secure it using the hitch pin. This isn’t the wagon Daytona 500…so please be careful!
wagon accessories handle 2


The wheels to your wagon are definitely an important piece. The 2 wheels that you have the option to choose from are pneumatic and flat-free. The basic difference between these types is pneumatic tires are filled with air, and flat-free have a solid foam-like interior. For more information on this decision…check out our in-depth article with a video!

pneumatic tires and flat free wagon accessories tires

Ready for more wagon accessories? I hope so! 4 down, 5 to go!

Seat Options

  • Wagon Cushion Seat – This seat can sit flat in the bottom of your wagon, or be propped up against the back section for maximum comfort. It comes in 3 sizes and if you are taking a bumpy trip, this could be the way to go.
wagon accessories seat 1
  • Plywood Wagon Seat – This seat is perfect for a little extra height and comfort. Lean back and enjoy the ride with this plywood seat.
wagon accessories seating 2
  • Pony Wagon Seat – This seat gives the feel of a real pony ride. The dark color and custom-made seating allows your kids to be transported to a fair or the farm. If you have a pony, check out our pony wagons which include these seats, but also the attachments for your horse.
wagon accessories seating 3


This type of wagon accessory is actually only available in two models of wagons. Our 24×48 Poly Garden Wagon, and our 24×48 Jumbo Wagon for Kids. The E-brake gives the option for the rider to slow the wagon down quickly in case of a big hill. 

wagon accessories ebrake

Bed Material

There are 2 bed options for a majority of our kid’s wagons. The traditional wooden bed, and the poly bed.

  • The wooden bed is what comes standard on a majority of our wagons. It gives the look and feel that wagons have had for the last 50 years. If you are planning on using this more in your backyard and on sunny days only, this is the best bed for you. 
wagon accessories bed material 2
  • The poly bed will require less maintenance, and be more water-resistant than the standard wood. If you are planning on taking your wagon for a water adventure, this could be the better option for you. 
wagon accessories bed material 1

Cooler Carrier

One of the best options for traveling, especially to the beach, is the cooler carrier. You can pack a whole day’s worth of adventures and not have to worry about what to eat or drink. Bring lunches, sodas, snacks, sunscreen, and whatever else you would need for your full day by the water. Going on a long hike? The cooler carrier will make sure you are drinking enough H2O to stay hydrated.

wagon accessories cooler carrier


I’m sure this is going to be a point of contention in your house! Everyone seems to have a different favorite color. We know it might be hard to pick, but we wanted to make sure we offered our kid’s wagons in 4 colors; Red, Green, Blue, and Pink. Make your new wagon your own by giving it a little bit of your style!

wagon accessories color


Each person is unique and original, and we want you to be able to choose wagon accessories that help make your wagon as unique as you. You can use your wagon in 100 different ways…so make sure to check out all of the possibilities when it comes to tailoring it to your needs. Customize your wagon by checking out our wagon accessories and options category. Don’t forget that some customizable options will be available directly on the wagon page! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can give you the best possible service. Good luck with your adventures!

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