Beach Wagon For Kids

Hauling your beach equipment from the car to the sand may be the worst part of the day. It’s amazing that something so small can be such an inconvenience. All that you and your family want to do is get to the beach. But it seems like the walk from the car to your perfect beach spot is like walking from California to New York.

There are actually multiple factors that make this a heated, and frustrating sequence of events. Luckily, a beach wagon for kids could be the answer, but first…Tell me something like this hasn’t happened to you.

  • You begin the long and possibly arduous process of planning your vacation. You are deciding where to go, booking a hotel/house, booking a car, buying flights, requesting off of work, and much more.
  • You wait patiently for this family vacation to finally arrive. The excitement at your home is palpable. IT IS TIME!
  • You wake up early because for some reason you have decided to leave at 7 am for some extra time away. If there is anything you know to be true, it’s that kids ALWAYS wake up early and are ready to go right away…
  • You finally get in the car and begin the drive to your destination. Of course, 4 times during your 3-hour car ride your kids need to use the bathroom. But you are almost there.
traffic on the way to the beach with a beach wagon in miami fl
  • Amidst the traffic that you inevitably hit on the way, everyone is very hungry and ready for food. After a final stop at a fast-food restaurant, you make it to your destination. 
  • You announce that everyone has 20 minutes to get ready because it’s only 11:30 am and there is a full day of beach fun to be had. You pack up snacks, drinks, beach toys, sunscreen, towels, boogie boards, beach chairs, an umbrella, changes of clothes, and everything else you might need. 
  • You either load up the car again or get ready to walk to the beach carrying all of the gear you need for a fun-filled day. 
  • When you are trying to carry everything from the car to the beach you notice the kids are already running toward the water. Everyone is cranky from traveling and just wants to relax. But you still have 17 things to bring to your beach spot.

After going through all of the craziness of planning, traveling, and getting your family to the beach, you deserve a simple way of getting from point A to point B. Luckily there is an option! Bringing a beach wagon for kids can be the simplest way to allow you to take away one of the most frustrating parts of your vacation. You shouldn’t have to be annoyed and overloaded on beach day. 

Using A Beach Wagon For Kids

You know how to use a wagon, but let’s paint a picture of how a beach wagon can help improve your vacation life.

beach wagon for kids fishing

Can Kids Ride In Beach Wagons?

Yes! One of the nicest things about a beach wagon is that your small children can actually be transported to the beach in a fun and easy way. Not everything can move on the sand well, but with customized tires and a sturdy frame, your kids will make it safe and sound!

Custom Shaded Space

With the sun top for the beach wagon, you can not only help keep your kids from getting burned, but you can keep your food and drinks cool as well. Grabbing a hot soda isn’t exactly as refreshing as what you would want.

beach wagon for kids shade

Load Up The Beach Wagon For Kids

Finding out how much your wagon can hold, you may be able to bring everything and the kitchen sink in the beach wagon. Put your towels, sand shovels, chairs, umbrella, change of clothes, and backpacks while still having the ability to give a ride to your child! You can also grab the cooler attachment so that it can sit nicely on the back of your wagon without taking up space in the bed.

beach wagon for kids cooler

How Big Are Beach Wagons?

Beach wagons can range in size. The length is normally between 30”-50” and the width between 15”-28”. You may want to assess your beach materials and their sizes before choosing a wagon. If you have a bigger family or are bringing more than the normal amount of items, it is always better to overestimate the size of the beach wagon for kids.


Wood vs Plastic vs Fabric

When it comes to the material of your wagon, you have 3 main choices to pick from. Each will have pros and cons to look into before deciding.

beach wagon for kids


 Wood beach wagons for kids are going to be the most durable. If you pick the right one, you will be able to have it until long after your kids leave the house and need a wagon of their own. You will also be able to customize the features that come with the wagon to really personalize it to your family. This wagon will also hold the most weight of any of the types of beach wagons. 

The downside is that because of its durability, it is heavy and large. Some wagons can collapse for better storage and travel. This wagon will take up space in your car. You could pack supplies in it for travel, however.

plastic beach wagon for kids


There are a few options of plastic wagons that you can buy for the beach. The main use of a plastic wagon is to transport small children. If you are looking for a plastic option to transport materials, a simple rolling cooler might be enough for you. If you are choosing a plastic wagon take a look at the wheels to make sure it will traverse the sand. We will cover more about wheels in the next section.

collapsible beach wagon for kids


Fabric beach wagons are best for saving space. If your main goal is to have a lighter-weight wagon that can transport a few materials, this could be the best option for you. These wagons will generally be made of a metal structure with a fabric bin that sits in the middle. Depending on the wagon, the bin can be removable as well. 

Fabric can be tough to determine when it comes to quality. A simple rip can ruin your whole wagon transportation. Replacement bins are available, but if you are planning to take your wagon on many trips in many locations…a sturdier option might be better.

Beach Wagon Wheels

beach wagon for kids wheels

Making sure that your wagon has the best wheels for traversing the sand is a key part of your beach wagon. The best wheels are going to have a lot of tread, and/or full rotation to maximize the movement. The 360-degree rotation is mainly for rougher landscapes, but it can be helpful here as well. 

The best tires will be flat-free (air-filled) and will have less in them. What we mean is that taking some of the air out of the tires can actually make traveling over the sand easier. The wheel will morph as the different patches of sand change height and depth.

Beach Wagon For Kids: Conclusion

collapsible beach wagon in pittsburgh pa

A beach wagon can be the easiest way to avoid one of the most annoying hassles in the world. Transporting a lot of materials over sand is unnaturally difficult. Take the frustration out of your vacation by choosing your own beach wagon. From colors to wheel choices, you have the ability to create something personal for your family. 

Don’t forget to begin by choosing your beach wagon material. It is important to weigh out the pros and cons of the features and accessories vs material price. You can then take a look at sizes, add-ons, wheels, and colors. We hope you have an amazing time with your families each year using your new beach wagon for kids!

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