Ultimate Guide To Fishing Wagons and Add-Ons

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The worst day of fishing often starts off with the complaint of “ I wish I had brought….”. And let’s face it, trying to take all of your fishing gear along with you is difficult. Well, have you ever considered a fishing wagon? At Lapp Wagons, we can help you find the perfect wagon so that you have all the gear you need for your perfect catch. 

What Is A Fishing Wagon?

A fishing wagon can be upgraded to make your fishing trip more enjoyable. Typically, people add rod holders, bungees to help tackle boxes stay in place, and sand wheels for beach fishing. All in all, fishing wagons are there to help make your fishing experience an enjoyable one by letting you bring the things that matter to you most.

What Wagon Is The Best For A Fishing Wagon?

We think the best fishing wagon is a 24×48 Jumbo Wagon. This size let’s you carry a fair amount of items with out it becoming too heavy to pull. Additionally this size is great for the people who would want to consider a wagon for their family use. 

Best Fishing Wagon Add-ons 

Once you have your fishing wagon, it is time to start thinking about the add-ons that you need for your fishing wagon. So let us take a look at some of the best fishing wagon add-ons:


1.) Cooler Carrier

fishign wagon cooler

Obviously your fishing wagon can carry a cooler. However what we mean it that you should create an insert so that your cooler fits into the wagon snug. No one wants a spilled cooler before the day even starts. On the other hand, our cooler carriers allow you to keep all of your wagon space and have a snug holding place for your cooler. Our cooler carrier is able to hold a 13″x23″ cooler.

2.) Wagon Seating

fishing wagon seating

Taking your child fishing for the first time is how memories are made. However, odds are they’ll want to sit down within the first 5 minutes of being there. To fix this we recommend adding one of our plywood wagon seats or a wagon cushion seat.

3.) Chairs

chairs for fishing and fishing wagon

Once you have the little guys set up with a place to sit, make sure that you bring a seat for yourself. If you want to make your wagon an all-in-one station, you may be content with the wagon cushion seat. However, if your anything like us having a camping chair to give you some back support wouldn’t hurt.

4.) Rod Holders

fishging wagon rod holder

We all know that fishermen love a good rod and reel. And having to pick one, geez! That’s like trying to pick your favorite child. However, you can take all of them by adding a rod holder to your fishing wagon.

5.) Umbrella Holder

fishing wagon umbrella holder

Some people enjoy fishing in inclement weather. Some people enjoy fishing in the bright afternoon sun.  However, that is not the case for everyone. Make sure that you have an umbrella holder so that you can enjoy the weather no matter what it’s like out. 


6.) Bungee Cords

bungee cords for finshing wagon

Adding bungees to your fishing wagon gives you an added level of security. These cords will help make sure that all of your gear stays in your cart. Additionally, having some bungees allows you to tie up your cart at the dock with ease. 

7.) Flat Free Tires

never flat fishing wagon wheels

Here at Lapp wagons we sell flat-free tires and that will prevent you from getting a stuck fishing wagon. Our flat-free tires are made from solid rubber. This means more time for fishing a less time fixing a flat tire.

8.) Cup Holder

Wether your a coffee drinking or enjoy some other kind of beverage having a cup holder is handy! Take it s tep further by adding two cup holders so that you can have double the beverages or an extra spot for hooks and line. The options are as endless as your imagination.

9.) Mounted Lights

Whether you are going chumming in the early morning hours or crabbing late a night, lights are a must. There are 2 popular ways to do this. 1 is add-on led lights that are battery-operated. The other is an attachment that your power tool battery can attached to.

10.) Cutting Board Width Of Wagon

cutting board for fishing wagons

Once you catch your prize winning fish its time to get it dress it. To do this a cutting board is needed. We recommend that you get one the width, or slightly larger, of the wagon so that you can easily clean the fish.

11.) Phone Mount

Having a place to put your phone is imperative to keeping it safe while fishing. We recommend that you use a mount that locks your phone in place. Additionally, we say that it is best that you clamp or suction it to the flatbed of the wagon for a secure hold. While the above video shows it being attached to a golf cart, the mount process is the same for one of the rungs on the side wall of our fishing wagons.


12.) Solar Phone Charger Or Battery Bank

battery chargers for fishing wagons

Making sure that you have a solar phone charger or a battery bank is a great way to make sure you always have power on demand. A solar phone charger is great if yu plan to spend the day on the water and will be around sunny areas. On the other hand, if you if you know its going to be raining or you will be in a shaded area it would be better to have a portable battery bank.

13.) Fishing Net And Holder

fishing wagon net holder

Just like we mentioned earlier rod holder is a great way to keep your rods at the ready. However, most of these holders will allow you to fit ina net as well. To make the most of your fishing trip be sure to bring a net so you can land the big one!

14.) Bluetooth Speaker

Wether you like a good country song or listening to sports a Bluetooth speaker is a great way to have something to listen to while you fish. We recommend that the speaker you get is water proof so that you wan;t have to worry about your speaker if it gets wet. We also recommend that its a small speaker as a larger speaker will just give you extra weight to lug around. 

15.) Dirt/Sand Spikes

sand or dirt spike for fishing wagon

Spikes are a great way to keep your fishing wagon in place. Simply place them on either side of the wheel and that wagon is set. No more worrying about a moving wagon, just sit, relax drop a line, and enjoy your day!

16.) On-load and off-load Ramps 

on load offload ramps for fishing wagons

Onload and offload ramps are great ways to move your fishing wagon out of the truck and down to ground level. To do this you can use something as simple as some 8×10 wooden boards. On the other hand, you could use something as robust as an ATV ramp system. 

17.) Unique Identification

Being able to identify your wagon is almost as important as catching the fish of your dreams. To be able to identify your wagon, get some kind of unique identification. To do this some people will paint their wagon a different color or have some kind or flag. 

18.) Camera Mount 

fishing wagon camera mounts

If you enjoy showing people how you brought in your catch, we recommend getting a camera mount for either your phone or Go Pro. This allows you to have clear views of bringing in your catch without the fuss of a body cam. Now your story wont just be a fishtail! 

How Many Sizes Of Fishing Wagons Are Available?

At Lapp Wagons, we have more than 10 different-sized wagons that can be be converted into a fishing wagon. Additionally, if you work at a place where handling large amounts of fish is a regular part of your day, we recommend that you check out our poly dump wagon.

Can I Build My Own Fishing Wagon?

Yes, you can build your own fishing wagon. In fact, most fishing wagons start out with a basic frame like our poly garden wagons. From there, people add the accessories listed above, that they like to make for the ultimate fishing wagon. Your wagon will need to be assembled so check out the video above to understand how our wagons are assembled.

Can I Use My Fishing Wagon For Other Things?

Yes and no. You can use your fishing wagon for other things if you wish. However, depending on how much you fish, it may be a bit smelly for others to enjoy. For that reason, we don’t advise you to do so.


So What is Your Fish-Tale?

Wether you are headed to the shore line or just doing some pond fishing a fishing cart can make your time evern better then you planned. Take a look at all of the wagons and accessories we have here at Lapp Wagons. We can’t wait to hear how you reeled in the big one!

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