The Ultimate Guide to New Replacement Wheelbarrow Wheels

Today most commonly we see discarded, unrepaired wheelbarrows, especially at dumps.  The sad thing is wheelbarrows, which are owned to waste yards, can be used again with just a simple tire repair.  Some may need to go under wheelbarrow tube replacement. These simple fixes will save you money in the long-run rather than investing in a brand new wheelbarrow.

Why choose replacement wheelbarrow wheels over factory wheels?

Wheelbarrow wheels are a very important part of the wheelbarrow. They are the “engine” that moves your product or material. So finding the right wheelbarrow wheel is key to making sure your haul is smooth. The traditional wheelbarrow wheels that are included with the wheelbarrow itself are typically less quality, and are not feasible for any job. Many people decide a replacement wheelbarrow wheel is the way to go because they can choose which kind they need for their job, whether it be a flat free or a pneumatic.

So for starters, purchasing a replacement wheelbarrow wheel is definitely a plus over the factory wheel. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at all the different types and sizes of replacement wheelbarrow wheels that you can get for your wheelbarrow.

Different types of replacement wheelbarrow wheels

Pneumatic replacement wheelbarrow wheels

pneumatic replacement wheelbarrow wheels

Pneumatic wheels are air filled tires that absorb the unevenness of the terrain. Just like every car has, the pneumatic replacement wheels allow for a smooth ride while carrying your product or equipment. The one negative that many people dislike about pneumatic tires is the fact that they can go flat when not maintained or if punctured.

Flat free replacement wheelbarrow wheels

flat free replacement wheelbarrow wheels

Flat free wheels are a tire made from solid substance so that they never have to require air to be used. Flat free wheels are very popular in wheelbarrows because of where they are typically used. Many people prefer flat free wheels because they can never get flat or leak. The one negative about this type of tire is the fact that it is harder to handle and move around with. If you are someone who is looking for a solution to constantly filling up their wheelbarrow wheels, then a flat free tire may be for you.

Take a look at our selection below and find the next replacement wheelbarrow wheel for you!

Are all replacement wheelbarrow wheels the same size?

No, not all replacement wheelbarrow wheels are the same size. Sizes can vary from any size. The typical replacement wheelbarrow wheels come in 13” to 16”. You can also get a wheelbarrow assembly kit with your choice of wheel size and all the equipment needed to replace the wheelbarrow wheel.

How to replace a wheelbarrow wheel:

  1. Purchase your new replacement wheelbarrow wheel – The first step to installing your new wheels is by purchasing the right wheel. Make sure you have found the wheel size your wheelbarrow calls for and make the purchase.
  2. Remove the old wheel – You can start by removing the old wheel using a screwdriver and a spanner. You can also spray some oil on the bolts if they are rusted onto the the cart to make the removal a bit easier. 
  3. Attach the new wheel onto the wheelbarrow – You can begin attaching the replacement wheelbarrow wheel by attaching the wheel to the axle. Once the wheel is through the axle, you can begin attaching the axle to the frame of the wheelbarrow. Ensure the washers are positioned between the wheel and the axle brackets.
  4. (Optional) Install new bolts – If your current bolts are not worn out, then you may not require this step. However, if you have some bolts laying around, you can begin attaching those where the axle brackets and the frame connect.
  5. You’ve installed your new replacement wheelbarrow wheels – Once all steps are completed you have successfully replaced your wheelbarrow wheels. You can begin enjoying the smooth new ride and begin hauling your product or material.

How do I find the right replacement wheelbarrow wheel?

There are many places in which you can find the right replacement wheelbarrow wheel for you. You can search through popular wheel sellers on Amazon, or even some local shops. You can also find quality replacement wheelbarrow wheels right on this site! Search through our popular selection of replacement wheelbarrow wheels and find the one you need.

Get Started on Your Replacement Wheelbarrow Wheels

I hope I have covered enough about why purchasing replacement wheelbarrow wheels top the standard factory wheels most wheelbarrows come with. If you are unsatisfied with your current wheelbarrow, the wheels might be the issue. Purchasing replacement wheelbarrow wheels is inexpensive and can save you plenty of effort in all of your future hauls.

Explore our entire selection of replacement wheelbarrow wheels below and find the right wheel for you. If you have any questions about our replacement wheelbarrow wheels, feel free to contact us. Lapp wheels come standard with a one year warranty to ensure your wheels are worth the buy. 

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to New Replacement Wheelbarrow Wheels

  1. leon says:

    where do you get spacers for a axle that is 7 “” plus long and universal tire replaement that has a hub that is on 4 inchs wide or dont that work? do you need wider hubed wheel instead

    • Jonathan says:

      We do have spacers that you can use to space out a 4″ hub.
      We also do have the 6” wide hub universal replacement tire. You will only need a 1 ” spacer with this wheel to make up for the 7″

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