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Dump Carts

Dump carts are heavy duty carts made for heavy hauling. Dump carts haul heavy loads smoothly over rugged terrain. Dump carts provide a spacious interior to hold many items including gravel, rocks, wood, tools, or equipment.

Are you looking for a wagon that will easily transport all your equipment from one area to another? The dump cart is sure to do so. Whatever it is you need transported, you can assure the dump cart will move your product safely and quickly without excessive force. Check out the dump carts features and options below.

Dump Carts For Product Transport And Easy Dumping

Closer Look at the Dump Cart

dump cart screw bolt

Screw Bolt

The screws in the heavy-duty dump cart are bolted in many areas to provide safety and reliability for any load.

dump cart lift handle

Lift Handle

The heavy-duty lift handle is an accessible feature on the dump cart. Simply pull the handle upwards and watch all your product pour out.

dump cart poly tub

Inner Tub

The inner tub of the sturdy dump cart. Place material inside the heavy-duty bucket and leave your worries behind.

dump cart pull handle


The handle on the dump cart is built with hard metal and made to pull over 2000 pounds of heavy haul.

Three Models to Choose From

The dump cart comes in two styles. A unique black poly plastic look and an aluminum metal tub that comes in two sizes. All three carts are handmade and built to last. Ditch the horrendous back pain with a dump cart today!

10 cubic foot aluminum dump cart

Small Aluminum Dump Cart Model #1027

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poly plastic dump cart

Poly Plastic Dump Cart Model #2600

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large aluminum dump cart

Large Aluminum Dump Cart Model #2000

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Amazing Wagons!

I can’t thank you enough for bringing smiles to our Michigan family. The wagon was and is a huge hit.

The Dump Cart Makes Your Life Easier

The dump cart is a smart and convenient way to transport your product from one place to another. Think of all the possibilities you can do with the dump cart.

Whether you may use the dump cart for your garden, a commercial job, or just to bring wood to the fire pit, you can assure that the dump cart will make your job 100x easier and help your back avoid all the pain.

See our gallery below for uses the garden cart provides!

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