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Commercial Roofing Cart

The commercial roofing cart is a very tough and durable dumper cart for your flat roofing jobs. These roofing wagons help you moved materials and tools around the rooftop. Save the mess and the time with these amazing long-lasting commercial roof carts.

Check out our two aluminum wagons below or see our flat roofing cart if you simply need a heavy duty wagon to move roofing materials. In need of a different work wagon? Check out our other work wagon selections!

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Commercial Roofing Carts For All Roof Jobs

Closer Look at the Commercial Roofing Cart

roofing utility cart lifting handle

Lift Handle

The lift handle on the roofing dump cart is made from metal with bolted on with screws to give you an easy lift with no wiggle or movement.

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Pull Handle

The pull handle is a heavy-duty metal rod that is made for tough hauls and sharp turns. Simply pull the handle and move the commercial roofing dump cart wherever you need.

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Lifted Base

The base of the roofing dump cart is easily liftable and provides ease when dumping out material. It uses heavy-duty metal to hold it down until forcefully pulled to avoid accidents.

roofing wagon wheel


The wheel of the roofing cart comes in a 13″ diameter + 4″ smooth rib tire to ensure a smooth trip and a safe haul. Choose flat free tires for the dump cart to ensure a hassle free job site.

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Commercial Roofing Carts For Material Transport

Your Choice of Two Roofing Dump Carts

Choose from one of our two premier, high-quality roofing utility carts. Our metal frames are made with sturdy aluminum to handle any load. Grab your dump cart today and make your roofing job a lot easier today. If you are looking for other farm and nursery wagons, yard and garden dump carts or kids wagons, find your wagon here.

medium roofing utility cart

Medium Aluminum Roofing Utility Cart Model #1027

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large roofing utility cart

Large Aluminum Roofing Utility Cart Model #2000

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The Best!

No one makes carts like these guys. These guys are the best. Simply great.

About The Roofing Utility Cart

The roofing utility cart is design to transport different kind of roof shingles, and roofing equipment from one side of a roof to another. It also offers a great base which can be easily lifted to dump any material inside of it for a quick dispose.

Never think about lifting another piece of metal or shingle while on the job, simply place what you need inside the wagon and pull wherever you need it.

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