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When a high quality wagon is needed for the job, we’ve got just what you need. Whether it’s a fun wagon you need for your child, or a wagon you need to help with the hauling of the yard mulch or supplies, we’ve got the wagons that you need. All of our wagons are Amish built and made in America. We also offer wagon accessories to go along with your new wagon! We dedicate in giving our customers only the best quality when it comes to wagons and wheels. Check out our current selection of wagons below and find the one for your needs today!

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Kids Wagons

Kids wagons are fun and reliable wagons for kids of all ages. Explore the fun outdoors with your child in his/her next Speedway Express wagon. Give your child the outdoor adventure of a lifetime with a kids wagon. Shop our selection of 9 heavy duty kids wagons and find the one for your child today.

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Work Wagons

Work wagons are heavy duty metal and plastic wagons with load ratings of a 1,000+ pounds. When you need a tool that will help you carry the load, our work wagons are definitely a great choice for you. Shop our selection of quality built poly plastic, or aluminum work wagons today! Make sure you check out the produce wagon too!

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Pony Wagons

Pony wagons are study wooden wagons that are for hauling children with a pony. Give your child the experience of a relaxing horse ride with a pony wagon from a trusted Amish builder in Pennsylvania. Shop our selection of one or two seater pony wagons and find the wagon for your child today!

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