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Farm and Nursery Carts

The Farm Wagon is useful in your Nursery, Greenhouse or for heavy farm chores. This is a great wagon to transport plants around your nursery or to have available for customers to pull around the greenhouse to pick out their flowers and vegetable plans.

This wagon is also a choice for the hard chores around the farm. Looking for a farm wagon that would also be great for your backyard chores, check out our other dump cart selections for more options!

Farm Wagons For Nursey And Orchards

A Closer Look at the Farm and Nursery Cart

farm wagon metal

Metal Frame

The tough metal frame on this farm wagon will provide you and your job durability and reliability. It comes with a grilled surface and no side walls to give you easy access and movement.

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Every single component that makes up the farm wagon/nursery cart will provide the safety of your product, and also reliability. Everything except the wheels are made from heavy-duty metal.

three sizes of greenhouse and nursery wagons

Three Sizes to Choose

Choose a 22″x40″ a 24″x48″ or a 30″x60″ farm and nursery wagon. The smaller one will be great for customers getting through the narrow walkways of your nursery or greenhouse.

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Powder Coated Finish

Your nursery and greenhouse wagons will be exposed to the weather so you want the best in finishing. These wagon beds are is painted with powder coated finish to make sure it lasts a long time.

Three Farm Wagons to Choose From

Pick your choice of three farm wagons to better your orchard or nursery experience. You can choose from a durable metal farm or a tough wooden 8-wheeled farm wagon. Get your farm work done today with a heavy-duty farm wagon today.

22×40 Farm and Nursery Wagon

Model #580

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24×48 Farm and Nursery Wagon

Model #680

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30×60 Farm and Nursery Wagon

Model #980

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Amazing Wagons!

I can’t thank you enough for bringing smiles to our Michigan family.
The wagon was and is a huge hit.

The Farm Wagon is Here to Help

The farm wagon will transfer all your farming, orchard, or nursery equipment wherever you want with ease! Avoid carrying everything by hand with a new farm wagon today! Do you need a farm wagon that can carry a very heavy weight? Our heavy-duty metal farm wagon will do the trick with a weight capacity of 2000 pounds!

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Don’t like what you see? You can see our other options of work wagons for all your heavy-duty needs. We also have a wide selection of kids wagons for the children, check it out today!