20 inch Wheels

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20 Inch Wheels

Find the 20-inch garden cart wheel replacement for your wagon, bike, cart, etc. Our 20-inch wheels come with your choice of flat-free or air tire so you can choose your custom tire for your specific needs.

20 Inch Garden Cart Wheels For Your Every Need

You need a tire that will last long and give you the durability to do the job you need. These 20 inch garden cart wheel will allow you to do all your gardening work with peace of mind knowing you have quality wheels carrying the load.

Find the correct wheel size and tire for your garden cart and see why others are loving these wheels.

Your 20 inch Garden Cart Wheels Provider

When in search of a specific size for your garden cart, you can ensure Lapp Wagons has you covered. Our dedicated team is always looking to get your the wheel and tire you need for your bike, wheelbarrow, garden cart, etc.

What Our 20 inch Wheel Customers Say

"I have been shopping for replacement wheels for my Rubbermaid two-wheel cart for some time. I have put off replacing the original broken wheels as the factory replacements are pretty pricey. I have looked and looked for replacements. I found these Lapp Wheels and decided to take a chance. They fit the cart perfectly. They have bearings, which the factory wheels did not. I anticipate these wheels and tires will last as long as I have the cart. I couldn't be more pleased. I recommend this product."

-Jeff L.

20 Inch Garden Cart Wheels For Your Every Need

When it comes to choosing the 20 inch garden cart wheel for you, you have two options, either flat-free, or pneumatic. Below you can find the differences and choose which you prefer:

flat free 20 inch garden cart wheels

Flat-Free 20 inch Garden Cart Wheels

The purpose of a flat free wagon is to give you the option of being able to ride and pull your cart smoothly without the worry of possibly flattening a tire. These tires do not require air and great for the reliability they provide in the garden and workspace.

pneumatic 20 inch garden cart wheels

Pneumatic 20 inch Garden Cart Wheels

The pneumatic tires for a garden cart are great too when looking at the effortless movement it takes to move the cart. Hauling a load on a pneumatic tire also allows you to carry a larger or heavier load than a flat-free tire.

Have Any Questions?

If you have more questions regarding the 20 inch garden cart wheels, please feel free to reach out to us.

In need of a different size? Shop our selection of wheel sizes and find the one that fits your needs.

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