26 inch Wheels

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26-inch Wheels

When finding the right 26 inch wheels becomes a dilemma, ensure your garden cart or wagon with a quality 26 inch wheel. Shop our selection of 26 inch wheels below and find the one for your needs.

26 inch Bike Wheels, Cart Wheels, and Much More

When you need a heavy duty tire or wheel for your wagon, bike, or cart, a 26 inch wheel is definitely a great option for you. With many options to choose from which will you decide on?


Your Source of Quality 26 inch Wheels

When a specific tire size is needed, you will always have a solution with Lapp Wheels. We sell multiple sizes of wheels including 20 inch wheels to 26. We even sell tires with specific sizes like 16 6.50-8 tires, and 4.10 3.50 x 4 tires.


See what our customers had to say about their 26 inch wheels

"Perfect wheels for my favorite garden cart that is currently getting an overhaul. These are sturdy and bouncy, perfect for the bumpy terrain of our garden. They fit perfectly and went on easily."

-Karin L.

26 inch Wheels For Your Needs

When you think of a 26 inch wheel, durability and quality is what you should be looking for. Since 26 inches is a larger wheel size, you need to know which is right for you. See our selection of different 26 inch wheels below:


flat free 26 inch wheel

Flat Free 26 inch Wheels

The 26 inch flat free wheels are not like your traditional air filled wheels, these are made of a solid substance so they never require air. The main benefit to this type of tire is that since it is made from a solid substance, it is not vulnerable to leaks and punctures.

pneumatic 26 inch wheels

Pneumatic 26 inch Wheels

The 26 inch wheels are available in the pneumatic. Pneumatic tires are air filled tires that are traditionally used in bikes and other small carts. Pneumatic makes your hauling job a lot easier since there is air in the tire to help carry some of the load.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our 26 inch wheels, please make sure to contact us. Whatever you plan on using your wheels for, we ensure you that you will not be disappointed with a Lapp Wheel.

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