Everything You Need To Know About Miniature Pony Carts

If you have ever seen a horse drawn carriage coming down the street, you know that it draws all eyes to it. There is a level of fun, and beauty about riding along in a cart pulled by a horse. What if you had the ability to do that right from your own home? Now, your home would need a pony or miniature pony…but it is possible to achieve with your very own miniature pony cart! 

What Is a Pony Cart?

pony cart with harness

A pony cart is a type of wagon with either two or four wheels that is designed to be attached to a a miniature horse or small pony. Two-wheel pony carts are generally less stable, but can also be less expensive given there aren’t as many parts that make them up. 

Pony carts are designed to carry children around a neighborhood, or home outdoor area with limited to no traffic. Pony carts are not meant to be ridden on busy streets!

How Do You Know What Size Pony Cart You Need?

attaching a pony cart to a pony

You want to tailor the size of a pony cart shaft to the type of pony that you have. The pony cart can be however long you want it to be as long as it has a shaft that is the correct version for your specific animal. Don’t attach a full grown horse to a pony wagon, but you know what we mean.

For a miniature pony (which is less than 3 ft tall) 49-55” is the general recocmmendation for shaft size. These are the standard shaft sizes.

For a regular sized pony, a 60” shaft will do perfectly! These would be the large shaft sizes.

Can Pony Carts Cary Adults?

pony cart

Pony carts and miniature pony carts are really not meant for adults. If you would like to ride in something similar, a traditional horse drawn cart or carriage would be a lot better! It can be really hard on the ponies to try and pull a grown adult!

Pony Cart Wheels

2 seat miniature pony cart

When you are choosing your pony cart, be sure to take the time to figure out if you want 2 wheels or 4. Each comes with its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin! 

  • 4 Wheel pony carts – These carts are going to be more stable and smooth as you are letting your kids or supplies move about. The 4 wheels naturally add that steady foundation just like any automobile. The pony also does not have weight pushing down on them, rather it can feel the weight behind them as they trot.
  • 2 Wheel pony carts – These carts are generally smaller than 4 wheel pony carts. They offer less weight to the pony, but less room for you. These carts are also less stable because they only have 2 wheels. The pony provides the stability, but often moves about. If you have items or kids towards the pony side of the cart, it will also create more weight on your pony as it pulls your carriage. 


Pony Breeds That Work With A Miniature Pony Cart

pony cart for kids

If you are wondering if our cart or similar carts will work with your pony, here are the breeds we have seen work very well with our pony cart! 

  • Miniature Pony – While similar to the miniature horse, a mini pony can actually be up to 57” in height. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is by lookin at the length of their legs. Depending on the size of your miniature pony, you could use either shaft option!
  • Miniature Horse – This breed of horses is characterized by its tiny stature. They naturally have to be shorter than 3ft to be classified as mini. The standard shaft option will have you traveling in your miniature pony cart in no time!
  • Shetland Pony – This Scottish breed of pony generally measures up to 48” from the withers to the ground. That means these will work well with the miniature pony cart as long as you have the large shaft option!
  • Welsh Pony – Originating in Wales, these ponies are also going to measure around 48” from withers to ground. Whether Cob, or Mountain, this breed of pony will work well with pony carts.

How Much Do Pony Carts Cost?

residential pony carts

A pony cart can cost anywhere from $550-$1,300 depending on what style and type you are wanting to get.

Pony Cart Options

pony cart with pony

After you know which pony cart you want to purchase, then you can take a look at some of the options you can choose to add on to your cart! Here are some of the main pony cart options. 

  • Extra Seat – An extra seat can be the perfect addition if you have multiple children, or if you need that extra spot for a small pet! 
  • Tire Options – Depending on the terrain that you will be traveling on, you have multiple tire options to choose from. Between flat free and ribbed pneumatic tires, your pony cart will be able to conqueror the surrounding landscape.
  • Safety Flag – This flag lets the adults know where the pony cart is if it goes over small hills or gets a little too far away. It also helps others spot the pony cart if needed.
  • Large Pony Shaft Adaptability – If you have a larger pony, there are adaptable shafts that can allow them to be tethered to your cart. That way, you will be able to haul a little more weight, and maybe even have an adult in the cart!
  • Siding Options – The 2 types of siding for miniature pony carts are solid and slatted. Slatted allows for the classic wagon look, while solid may help keep items inside the carriage that would otherwise fall out.

Our Mini Pony Carts

custom pony carts

Our Amish Pony Carts are all 30” x 60” and allow for some of the most memorable rides your kids will have. Each cart has the ability to carry up to 2000 pounds and the wagon itself weighs 120 pounds (so you know it is durable). The 2 options of wagons to pick from are a 1 seater and a 2 seater. You can customize the other options listed above to your wagon as well! 

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us for any assistance! Otherwise, go ahead and browse our pony carts and begin making some amazing memories today!

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