Produce Wagon | What They Are & How To Use Them

Moving your produce or chore equipment from place to place can be a hassle. But using a produce wagon can make your job a whole lot easier. In this blog, we are going to help you understand what a produce wagon is, what it can be used for, and even where to find the roadside stands that sell food from their own produce wagons. So let’s get to it!

What Is A Produce Wagon?

roadside produce wagon

A produce wagon is a wagon that is designed to transport produce from its growing place to its final destination. These produce wagons should be able to connect to your farm equipment easily to help transport even the heaviest of loads. At Lapp Wagons, a Lapp Produce Wagon can hold slightly more than 1.5 tons/ per load. 

Some people may use their produce wagon as a way to sell their veggies, fruits, or other home goods along the roadside. These kinds of produce stands are often referred to as veggie wagons, fruit wagons, or simply “roadside stands.” However, a produce wagon from Lapp wagons can be used for all of these applications. 

Produce Wagon For Vegetables

produce wagon with folding roof

Think of the last time you had a genuinely delicious veggie dish. The odds are that these vegetables came from a local farmer’s produce wagon for veggies. A produce wagon is a great way to take your harvested vegetable from the plant, place it into your retail boxes, and transport it to your pick-up location for your clients. 

How many boxes of vegetables can I move with a Produce Wagon?

Produce Wagon

A quality-built produce wagon for veggies can carry up to 3,200 pounds of produce. To carry that much produce on a produce wagon, you will need to stack some of the boxes on top of each other. This amount of weight translates to being able to transport the following amounts of produce.

One .5 bushel of  zucchini = 20 lbs = 160 ½ bushel boxes of Zucchini 

One .5 bushel box of tomatoes = 25 lbs = 128 ½ bushel boxes of Tomatoes

One .5 bushel of Onions = 20 lbs = 160 ½ bushel boxes of Onions

One .5 bushel of Bell Peppers = 10 lbs = 320 ½ bushel boxes of Bell Peppers

One .5 bushel of Green Beans = 10 lbs = 320 ½ bushel boxes of Green Beans

produce wagon for veggies

A produce wagon for fruit is a great way to transport everything you have in your orchard. Whether it is apples, peaches, or pears…a produce wagon is a great way to move your goods. No matter if you desire to use the fruit wagon in a commercial or hobby farm way, we know that having the right kind of equipment makes for your job to be done as efficiently as possible.

How many boxes or bins of fruit can I move with a Produce Wagon?

produce wagon bins of fruit

A quality-built wagon for fruit can carry up to 3,200 pounds of fruit. With a large capacity, you will be able to move the following amount of fruit on your fruit wagon. Keep in mind that to get the best use per weight will require you to stack some of the produce on top of each other. 

By The Bin

  • 1 bin = 800 pounds = 3 bins of Apples *
  • 1 bin = 800-875 pounds = 3 bins of Watermelon*
  • 1 bin = 800-875 pounds = 3 bins of Cantaloupe *

  • 1 bin = 800-875 pounds = 3 bins of Pumpkins*

*As you can see, three bins of produce will not max out the produce wagon hauling ability. However, bins are commonly transported on wood pallets. These pallets have a typical dimension of 48”x40”

With a measurement like this, you will only be able to fit three bins onto a produce wagon. However, you can combine pallets and boxes of fruit. This is a great way to work using the produce wagon to its highest potential by using it for commercial and retail purposes all at the same time.

By The Box

  • Peaches: 25 pound boxes = 128 boxes
  • Pears = 25 pound boxes = 128 boxes
  • Cheries = 10 pound boxes = 320 boxes
  • Blueberries = 20 pound boxes = 160 boxes
  • Plumbs = 25 pound boxes = 128 boxes

  • Apricots = 25 pounds = 128 boxes

  • Nectarines = 25 pounds = 128 boxes

  • Apples = 25 pounds = 128 boxes

How many bins and boxes of fruit can I transport simultaneously?

Produce Wagon 3

As we mentioned earlier, a produce wagon can handle three bins of fruit at one time. However, you can haul a mix of bins and boxes at once. When you are hauling three bins of 875 a bin, that gives you a total of 2,625 pounds, this allows for an additional 575 pounds of weight. You can then fit 23, 25-pound boxes of additional fruit on that same wagon. This gives you a great way to maximize commercial and retail sales simultaneously!

Produce Wagon As A Flat Bed Wagon

hay and produce wagon

When you need a durable produce wagon for your farm equipment, you want to know that it can handle everything from medium-sized farm equipment to multiple tools. The produce wagon offers 50 Square feet of space and an unlimited height when used without our canopy.

What can I move with a produce wagon when used as a Flat Bed Wagon?

The following items can be moved all over your property to get all sorts of chores done. Our 50-square-foot flatbed produce wagon can carry the following items all at once

  • 3 Fuel Cans (15” L x10” W)
  • 4 Long Handled Gardening Tools (20” W x 24” D)
  • 1 Generator (32.7” L x 27.6” W)
  • 1 Ladder (80” L x 7” D)
  • 1 Wheelbarrow ( 58.75 L x 25.5” W)
  • 1 Garbage Bin (28.5” L x 23” W)

Additionally, the produce wagon has a dimension that is built at 5’ wide and 10’ long. If you would like to move an item that is 3,200 pounds or less and would fit in these dimensions, you could move virtually anything! (If you plan to move anything that is larger than the dimensions listed, make sure that you look into your local areas’ moving requirements.)

Produce Wagon As A Nursery Cart

produce wagon for planting

5 Gallon Trees

  • 11.5” widest diameter
  • 10-15 pounds each
  • 69 Trees
  • 690-1035 LBS Total Weight

7 Gallon Trees

  • 14.5” widest diameter
  • 15-25 pounds each
  • 43 Trees
  • 645-1075 LBS Total Weight

10 Gallon Trees

  • 16” widest diameter
  • 25-35 pounds each
  • 35 Trees
  • 875-1225 LBS Total Weight

15 Gallon Trees

  • 17” widest diameter
  • 35-50 pounds each
  • 31 Trees
  • 1085-1550 LBS Total Weight

25 Gallon Trees

  • 23” widest diameter
  • 75-100 pounds each
  • 17 Trees
  • 1275-1700 LBS Total Weight

If you have potted tree sizes that are not listed, a great way to know how many trees you can move is to use this calculator!

Produce Wagon As A Roadside Stand 

produce wagon for fruit

A produce wagon is a great way to sell your own homegrown fruits, veggies, and other home goods. This style of produce wagon is often referred to as a roadside stand. Roadside stands began to grow in popularity in the 1920s and-30’ as access to vehicles increased. Since then, people have enjoyed going to their favorite produce stands each and every year. 

Where can I find Veggie Wagons in Lancaster, Pa? 

Finding the best produce wagon is a dream come true! No matter where you live, we are sure that you have your favorite produce stand. However, we think that the Department of Human Services gives a great list of seasonal produce and high-quality produce stands in Lancaster, PA.

Can my Produce Wagon be Gap Certified?

produce hauler

To have a wagon that is Gap Certified will require keeping your produce covered after it is harvested. To assist you in moving towards this kind of voluntary certification, we offer our attachable canopy. However, adding this piece will increase the price of your produce wagon overall.

Our Produce Wagon

veggetable wagon

As you can see, a produce wagon can go by many names because it can perform many different jobs. You can use this wagon as a produce wagon, veggie wagon, nursery cart, flatbed wagon, or other things not mentioned in this article! Needless to say, this tool can be beneficial. Who knows, maybe you want to start your own roadside stand with a produce wagon! No matter what application you desire to use your Produce Wagon for, Lapp wagons is here and happy to help you! You can see our produce wagon here, and don’t forget to add the canopy attachment! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Enjoy the versatility of the produce wagon.

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