16 6.50-8 Tires

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16 6.50-8 TIRES

Find the 16 6.50 8 tire you are looking for to replace your current set. Below you can find the 16 6.50 8 tire with rim that you are looking for to fit your specific needs. Shop below the different tread options and find the 16 6.50 8 tire for you.

16 6.50-8 Tires For Your Garden Needs

You do not want a tire that will fall apart within a short amount of time due to the cheap quality made in the tire, at Lapp Wagons we understand this concern and crafted a tire size that is built to last and make your garden work much simpler.

Find the correct tire for what you are looking for, use it on your yard and garden cart or wheelbarrow and enjoy a quick and easy gardening experience like never before.

Your Source of 16 6.50 8 Tires

When in need of a specific tire size like the 16 6.50 8 tire, we always look for ways to make your findings easier. For whatever you may be using your tire for, you can ensure that it is Lapp Wagons certified and will give you a great lifetime and ease of use.

Our 16 6.50 8 Tire Customers Speak on Their Tire

"I needed new tires with rims for my yard cart that I pulled behind my lawn tractor. I could not find any of these size tires with a 1-inch diameter hub bearing. This was the only reasonable business that had what I needed. As a matter of fact I needed two sets of these tires for my project. I transformed single axle two tire car into a single axle four tire dually. The tires arrived damage free and any good time. I recommend it using lapp tires for your next tire fix."

-Stephen Klock

16 6.50 8 Tires For Your Every Need

This size tire comes in two materials including flat-free and pneumatic. The choice gives you either option to go with a tire that better fits your style and use. 

flat free 16 6 50 8 tire

Flat Free 16 6.50 8 Tires

Flat free wheels are designed to have a higher rolling resistance when they deform from a load. Flat free tires are made solid, lightweight, and with no tubes which means no re-filling. Another benefit for flat free is that they cannot pop or explode due to no air being put into the tire.

pneumatic 16 6 50 8 tire

Pneumatic 16 6.50 8 Tires

If you are looking for a tire that will preform the best while carrying a load, then the pneumatic 16 6.50 8 tire should be yours. These amazing tires provide a great performance and are a lot cheaper to replace. Though the pneumatic tire may cost more to maintain, they are a very reliable tire which is it is often chosen by OEM's for new equipment.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the 16 6.50 8 tire, please contact us. We love giving people the tools they need to find the right tire for them. Didn't find what you were looking for here? No problem, shop our entire selection of wheels and find the one just for you.

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