2024 Guide To Firewood Carts

If you have ever tried to transport firewood from one place to another with just yourself, you know the frustration that can come with that. Whether it’s dropping pieces, splinters, or oblong logs that are just too hard to carry…make it easier on yourself by getting a firewood cart! These carts can carry big loads of firewood to the destination it needs to be at. If you are using firewood at your home or business…a firewood cart can help save you time, frustration, and money in some cases! Let’s take a look at some specific details about this type of cart and the best places to grab one!

Best Firewood Cart Styles

multi use firewood cart

Here is a list of the five best firewood carts you can purchase. Each of these has its own pros and cons, which you will be able to see in the table below.

Firewood Cart Compare/Contrast

Model #520

Price: $370

Pros: Versatile, Multi-Use, 1000 LB Capacity, 4 Wheels

Cons: Price

Features: Big Bed Size, Poly Bed, Pull Handle, Customizable features

Sunnydaze Decor Firewood Cart

Price: $109

Pros: Steel Integrity, Pneumatic Tires

Cons: Axel Strength

Features: Cover, Tilted Feature

Vogelzang Heavy Duty Firewood Cart

Price: $190

Pros: Slim Design, 50 LB capacity

Cons: Assembly, Loose Wheels

Features: Iron finish, hard rubber wheels

Shelter Logic Haul-It Wood Mover

Price: $96

Pros: Accessories to match, Steel Integrity

Cons: Assembly issues, wheel integrity

Features: Braced Handle, Wider Cart

Nature Spring Metal Wood Cart

Price: $76

Pros: 250 LB Capacity, Rust Resistant

Cons: Wheel Issues

Features: Indoor use too, Heavy Duty

Types Of Firewood Carts

plastic firewood cart

There are three main types of firewood carts that most people look to purchase. 

  • Traditional – A traditional firewood cart has either two or four wheels and is one of the main options for hauling wood. There are generally not many features or “flashy” elements to these carts, but they do the job they were designed to do. Prices range based on what you want out of your firewood cart. 
  • Indoor – While you can use traditional carts inside your home, generally, there are smaller carts you can purchase to transport your firewood from the holder outside to your fireplace inside. These are often the least expensive because they are only designed to carry 10-15 logs at a time. 
  • Heavy Duty – These carts are most often used on the commercial level or if you are working to increase your stockpile of wood by hundreds of pieces. Heavy-duty carts will last for 25+ years and are designed to hold an excess of 1500 LBS.


Firewood Cart Options

firewood cart wheels

You may not have realized, but there are options and extras you can purchase along with your firewood cart! Here are some of the most popular!

  • Cover – A cover for your cart helps protect it from rain and harsh weather. While your cart may be “heavy-duty,” rust can affect even some of the strongest metals. You can also find covers for your firewood racks as well. This helps keep your firewood dry and ready to use whenever you need it.
  • Wheels – Whether large firewood cart wheels or small, wheels are the main reason to have one of these carts. You will see some firewood carts with bicycle wheels too! The wheel choice is really up to you. Wheels can be either pneumatic or flat-free, so pick your preference!
  • Firewood Rack – A firewood rack is a metal piece that holds all of your firewood indoors and outdoors. Firewood racks can be small enough to hold only 10 logs or large enough to hold 500 and beyond! These racks give you main spots off the ground to store your logs to be transported to precisely where you want them.
  • Legs – A firewood cart can also have detachable legs so that you can replace the wheels on your cart and use it as a rack. This could benefit you if you only need a small about of firewood and don’t mind changing a few things around on your cart.

Firewood Cart Weight Limits

poly firewood cart

One of the things you want to be aware of is the weight capacity of your firewood cart. While it could be pretty obvious because it can only hold so many firewood pieces at once, the last thing you want is for the cart to tip over and knock you over with it. When you purchase your cart, there should be an easily identifiable weight limit on the packaging. 

Different types of firewood will weigh differently, but you can avoid this problem with a firewood cart that has four wheels! This allows the weight to be distributed evenly, and it also is able to carry a heavier weight load in the first place.

Firewood Cart Materials

poly bed firewood cart

There are three main materials that your firewood cart can be made out of. Each has its own advantage and disadvantages. Let’s take a deeper look below. 

  • Wood – A wood cart with wheels makes an excellent firewood cart! These carts often have four wheels, more stability, and can carry heavier weight. The nice thing about this option as well is you can use your wooden cart for other jobs too!
  • Plastic – A plastic cart (often a dump cart) can be used to haul wood too! Just because it is “plastic” doesn’t mean it’s not durable. These carts can have two or four wheels and are generally more expensive than metal because they are easier to maintain. 
  • Metal – Metal firewood carts are the majority of what you will find on the market. Almost all of these carts have two wheels and range in price from $50-$250, depending on the size and style you need. Metal looks classic but needs to be taken care of because rust can easily destroy your outdoor firewood cart if you aren’t careful!

Our Firewood Cart Option

heavy duty firewood cart

If you are looking for a durable and multi-use firewood cart, you can’t go wrong with our poly cart! These carts are heavy-duty, have a 22”x40” bed size, and can hold up to 1000 lbs. The handle and standard pneumatic tires make it easy to pull loads that would be very tough with a two-wheel firewood cart. 

These wagons can also be used for hauling other things, letting your kids ride inside, or doing outdoor chores! Customize yours today and see how much time it will save you!

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