Wheels For Small Trailers

Tires And Wheels For Small Trailers

 If you find yourself in a situation where you need a tire for a small trailer, we have the solution for you. Explore our extensive range of cutting-edge replacement wheels to discover the perfect match for your requirements. Our commitment at Lapp Wagons is to provide you with a robust and dependable wheel, ensuring a seamless replacement for your old one.

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Flat Free Tires | Small Trailer Wheels

Lapp Wagons presents its flat-free tires specifically designed for small trailers, eliminating the need for frequent air refills and time wasted. By upgrading to our flat-free tires, you can bid farewell to tiresome tasks and experience significant time savings. Select from a range of tread options to ensure optimal performance on whatever terrain you find yourself tackling. With our reliable flat-free tires, you can embark on any adventure with confidence, knowing that your small trailer will be able to withstand the rough terrain.

Rather shop by wheel type, such as Flat Free or Pneumatic? Visit our Shop By Wheel Type page to find what you are looking for!

Pneumatic Wheels | Small Trailer Wheels

Introducing our exceptional Pneumatic Wheels, meticulously crafted to triumph over any terrain and effortlessly handle heavy workloads. These wheels are the ultimate choice when equipping a small trailer. Regardless of the destinations you venture to, rest assured that your small trailer will tackle demanding tasks and simplify your jobs.

When they are delivered, your wheels will be deflated for convenient shipping purposes. Simply inflate the new tires to your desired pressure and enjoy the transformation of your small trailer into a seamless and efficient hauling solution.

If you are not sure what type of wheel that will work best for you, we have an article that explains some of the differences: “Different Types of Wheels and Their Uses.”

Products Similar To Small Trailers

As you’ve looked into our array of wheel choices, you might have discovered that your needs extend beyond replacement wheels and include a brand-new cart. Your search ends here!

Explore our collection of work wagons, crafted to accommodate any task. No matter what you are doing, we have a wagon for every occasion, including commercial roofing wagons, gardening wagons, or simply farm wagons. Rest assured that Lapp Wagons is dedicated to providing you with a tough, high-quality work cart that will elevate the efficiency and convenience of your job.

If you want a gardening wagon, check out our Garden Work Wagons or see our blog “16 Different Types of Gardening Wagons“.  If you need your wagon to dump, see our Dump Wagons that are excellent for hauling loads.