How To Read Tire Sizes For Wagons, Wheelbarrows + More

Finding the right-sized tires can get complex. Who even knows how to read tire sizes? The last thing you want is your new cart tires to be the wrong size, preventing you from getting any work done. Luckily there are a few things you can do to ensure you have the correct tire sizes. We will be taking a look at the numbers on your wheel, the “vehicle” you want to put them on, and the varieties of wheel choices you have. 

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What Do Tire Size Numbers Mean?

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Wheel size numbers refer to the tire’s diameter, the width of the tire, the diameter of the rim, and the distance from the tire to the rim or hub. We can determine the size of the wheel when we know how these numbers are being used.

How Are Tire Sizes Measured?

There are three styles when it comes to how to read tire sizes. 

  • Tire Width, Tire To Rim, Rim Diameter – This is written like 4.10/3.50-4”. So this wheel is 4.1” wide, has a 3.5” length of the tire to the rim along the circumference, and has a 4” rim. Notice that the size of this tire never specifies the diameter of the entire tire. We do know it has to be over 7.5” because of the 2nd two numbers from above added together. In this case, the tire is actually 10.5” in diameter. 
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  • Tire Diameter, Tire Width, Rim Diameter – This is written like 13 4.00-6”. This wheel is 13” in diameter, 4” wide, and has a 6” rim diameter. We can then surmise that if the tire is 13” in diameter with a 6” rim…the tire-to-rim diameter is going to be 3.5”. 13” – 6”= 7”. 7”/2 = 3.5” on either side of the rim.
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  • Tire Diameter, Tire Width – This is written as the most straightforward option, like 8×1.75. This wheel would be 8” in diameter and 1.75” in width. 
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How To Read Tire Sizes: Rim

how to read tire size width

You can start by grabbing a tape measure and simply measuring from one side to the other. The other option is to check your tire and see if the number is imprinted on the wheel. In the picture above, the last number is the width of the rim from side to side.

Tire Size Calculator

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Most wheel-size calculators online are for cars. You can also find bicycle tire size calculators. We simply recommend using the formulas above when figuring out how to read tire sizes. If your utility cart or wheelbarrow shows you the numbers, you can find wheels that match them perfectly. You can also look up your specific cart or wheelbarrow to find the size that will best fit. 

Types Of Wheels

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To determine your wheel size, you should first choose the style of wheel that you need. There are four different types of wheels we suggest researching to understand better what your “vehicle” needs. 

  • Flat Free WheelThese tires are filled with a polyurethane or foam substance. The flat-free wheel sizes are mainly researched for wagons, air compressors, wheelbarrows, and some carts. 
  • Pneumatic Wheels – These wheels are filled with air and should be maintained to their individual PSI levels. Pneumatic wheel sizes are generally found for wheelbarrows, garden carts, and utility carts. 
  • Spoke Wheels – These tires give a different system for support. They can also be required for some off-road bikes. Spoke Wheel sizes are researched for bicycles, garden carts, and pony carts. 
  • Hard Rubber Wheels – These wheels are solid the whole way through. Hard rubber wheel sizes are commonly needed for hand trucks or small machines.
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Average Wheel Sizes

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Here are the ranges and average sizes for the four different types of wheels outlined above. These are going to be sized by diameters. So you won’t need any formula to figure out how to read tire sizes of the styles below.

  • Flat Free Wheel Sizes – Common sizes for flat-free wheels are diameters of 16”, 20”, 24”, and 26”. 
  • Pneumatic Wheel Sizes – The most standard pneumatic wheel sizes are diameters of 8.5”, 10”, 13”, 15”, and 16”.
  • Spoke Wheel Sizes – The most common diameters for spoke wheels are anything ranging from 11” to 26”. 
  • Hard Rubber Wheel Sizes – The most common hard rubber wheel sizes are diameters of 8”, 10.5”, and 12”.
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What Is The Standard Size Of A Wheelbarrow Wheel?

wheelbarrow wheel tire sizes in lebanon pa

The standard size of wheelbarrow wheels are diameters of 13” or 16”. The rim of wheelbarrow wheels are generally 6” or 8”. 

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