Heavy Duty Wagons – The Perfect Tool For Any Project

What Is A Heavy Duty Wagon?

A heavy duty wagon is a 4-wheel wagon designed to haul heavy and straining loads. They are typically larger and more powerful than standard wagons and can be customized with different wheels and bedding to make sure that they are perfect for your project. Heavy duty wagons are used in a variety of applications, including construction, farming, and lumbering.

In recent years, they have also become popular for recreational use, as their increased capacity and capabilities make them well-suited for hauling camping gear and other equipment. Whether you need a wagon for big projects or just to use recreationally, heavy duty wagons are perfect solutions. 

heavy duty wagons for farmers

Is A Heavy Duty Wagon Worth It?

Many people have difficulty hauling large loads and are looking for solutions to make their life easier. Whether you’re carrying lumber for a big home improvement project, or a load of mulch for your garden, heavy duty wagons can help! These incredible tools are not only useful but built to be functional. Heavy duty wagons are built to withstand a lot of weight and rough terrain, making them ideal for carrying heavy loads. 

For most people, they are worth the investment. Before purchasing a heavy duty wagon, consider what you’ll be using it for and what kind of project you have. It’s important for homeowners to do additional research and to identify how light or heavy your project is so you can make sure that a heavy duty wagon is a right investment for you.

heavy duty wagon

How Much Do Heavy Duty Wagons Cost?

There are so many different types of heavy duty work wagons that it can be difficult to find the price for one. You have to consider many factors when you are looking for the right price. Heavy duty wagons have different customization options like beddings, materials, and wheels that can affect the price. 

First, you should look at your project and decide what kind of wagon you need. The types differ from Yard Wagons to Commercial Roofing Wagons. 

Second, decide what kind of bedding the wagon you get needs. There are carts, flat wagons, and more! 

Third, decide on the wheels you will need. Some options include hard rubber tires, flat-free tires, and pneumatic tires. 

Lastly, you can have fun with the customization aspects like color! Once you put all of these factors together, you can expect to pay between $300-1000 for a high-quality, heavy duty work wagon. 

heavy duty produce wagon

What Industries Use Heavy Duty Wagons?

Heavy Duty Wagons For Home And Garden Landscapers

The yard and garden work wagon is a perfect tool for landscapers to use, and lots of landscapers take advantage of its benefits. These heavy duty wagons are able to carry lots of mulch, rocks, and wood which not only makes the job easier but lets landscapers cut out transportation time which in turn leads to projects getting done quicker.

The yard and garden heavy duty wagons usually come in two materials, plastic or aluminum. If you’re looking for a great alternative to lugging all your equipment, ditch that pain and check out our stock of yard and garden wagons. 

heavy duty wagons for yards

Heavy Duty Wagons For Commercial Roofers

Let’s face it, commercial roofing is a tough job. And that’s why you need the best and most durable tools to make your job easier. The commercial roofing heavy duty wagon can help you reach your optimum work levels, and that’s why so many commercial roofers use them. Instead of wasting so much time transporting and moving materials around the rooftop by hand, you can be more efficient!

These heavy duty commercial roofing carts come with a lift handle, a pull handle, a lifted base, and of course, customizable wheels. You can also choose the material they are made from. Ease your workload and check out our heavy duty wagons for commercial roofers today! 

heavy duty wagons for commercial roofing

Heavy Duty Wagons For Farmers

Waking up at the crack of dawn and tending to your farm is simple yet hard work. No matter what kind of farm you have, the chores are plenty and can get tiring by the time you are in bed. To help yourself, you can make transporting crops, feed, fertilizer, plants, etc., easier! You can use these amazing tools in your nursery, greenhouse, and for general farm chores.

If you cater your farm to the public, you can make these wagons available to customers so they can pick out flowers, vegetables, and fruits with ease. Check out our farm and nursery heavy duty wagons to get started! 

What Are The Right Wheels For My Heavy Duty Wagon?

There are different types of wheels that are right for each type of heavy duty wagon. Here is a breakdown of the different types of wheels that you can have for your wagons:

Hard Rubber Wheels For Heavy Duty Wagons

Hard rubber wheels are good for hand truck wagons. And yes, all wheels and tires are made out of rubber, but what differentiates them from hard rubber wheels is that hard rubber wheels are actually completely solid the whole way through. 

hard rubber wheels for heavy duty wagons

Flat Free Wheels For Heavy Duty Wagons

Flat Free wheels are wheels that are filled with polyurethane or a foam substance. Polyurethane usually comes in the form of flexible foam and is almost like a cushioning material. Flat-free tires are best for wagons, air compressors, and more.

flat free tires for heavy duty wagons

Pneumatic Wheels For Heavy Duty Wagons

Pneumatic Wheels are best used for your utility carts, garden wagons, and more. Pneumatic wheels have to be maintained. This means that you will have to refill air to your pneumatic tires, so they are at the optimum PSI level. 

pneumatic tires for heavy duty wagons

Heavy Duty Wagons In Lancaster County 

Lapp Wagons has been the home of Speedway Express since 1962. For over 60 years, we’ve been committed to building the best multi purpose wagons. This, in turn, lets us provide our community with recreational wagons that they can enjoy with family or heavy duty work wagons that will make their jobs easier. We have a wide variety of wagons that can be used for any kind of transportation. To take the first step, check out our stock of wagons, contact us, or find a dealer near you! We know that we have something that is perfect for your needs! 

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