Top 5 Best Wagons for Kids in 2021

best wagon for kids

You’re looking for the best wagon for your kid, niece, or nephew but not sure which you should get? Allow us to help you out. There are a ton of kids wagons out there, so finding the perfect one for your child may become difficult. Luckily for you, we gathered some of the best wagons for kids and young toddlers that can make your wagon search a bit easier.

Firstly, you need to think about what kind of kids wagon you need. Are you looking for a small personal wagon for your only child or do you need something bigger, more heavy-duty that can fit multiple kids and their toys?

#1: Speedway Express Mini Kids Wagon #110

best small wagon for kids

The mini kid’s wagon is a great option for someone looking on getting their small child a wagon they can play in, load their toys, and haul them away. This small and affordable kid’s wagon is perfect for a single child and is also backed by a two-year warranty to ensure it’s quality.

Wagon Specs:

  • 18″ x 28″ Bed Size
  • 8″ x 1.75″ Flat Free Wheels
  • 800 Pound Load Rating

#2: Speedway Express Heavy Duty Kids Wagon #500

best red wagon for kids

When a classic red wagon is what you desire for your child, the Kids wagon model 500 does not disappoint. The most popular kids wagon and a top candidate for the best wagon for kids award, the model 500 deliveries a classic look along with your choice of a painted railing. Allow your children to haul their favorite toys in this classic wagon.

Wagon Specs:

  • 22″ x 40″ Bed Size
  • 10.5″ Pneumatic or Flat Free Wheels
  • 1,000 Pound Load Rating

#3: Speedway Express Heavy Duty Kids Wagon #630

best jumbo wagon for kids

The #630 kid’s wagon provides the same fun as the #500 but with a bit more room in the bed size. This wagon presents enough room for two children to joy ride with their favorite toys. Picture the look on both of your children’s faces while you are pulling them through the neighborhood on this awesome kid’s wagon.

Wagon Specs:

  • 24″ x 48″ Bed Size
  • 13.5″ Pneumatic or Flat Free Wheels
  • 1200 Pound Load Rating

#4: Speedway Express Big Wheeled Tandem Beach Wagon

large best wagon for kids

The big tandem beach wagon is a large wagon that can be enjoyed with multiple kids. The heavy-duty bed frame allows for 2-3 children to enjoy a fun ride with ensured safety with the 6 wheel system. This wagon allows for fun beach memories and easy maneuvering through the sand and grassy areas.

Wagon Specs:

  • 24″ x 48″ Bed Size
  • 13″ Diameter + 6″ Wide Pneumatic Wheels
  • 1200 Pound Load Rating

#5: Speedway Express Double Tandem Wagon #870

best wagon for kids of all ages

The largest wagon of them all, the big-wheeled double tandem wagon. With room for 3-4 kids and then some, this wagon offers a heavy-duty look and a contender for the best wagon for kids. Give your child a gift, that will make him or her the talk of the neighborhood with this large double tandem wagon.

Wagon Specs:

  • 24″ x 58″ Bed Size
  • 13″ Diameter + 6″ Wide Pneumatic Turf Tread Wheels
  • 1200 Pound Load Rating

Best Wagons for Kids vs Budget Wagons for Kids

In terms of finding the best wagon for kids, there are tons of options to choose from. Whether it is a more budget-friendly kids wagon you desire or a collapsible one, let’s look at some of the options for you below.

Budget vs. Quality

best affordable wagon for kids

Duncan Mountain Wagon


best wagon for kids and family

Speedway Express Mini Wagon


Although both of these wagons are made for kids, they do have their differences. The Duncan Mountain Wagon is at a lower cost which may be ideal for someone in search of a more budget-friendly kids wagon. However, with a lower cost comes the lower quality.

The Speedway Express Mini Wagon may be a bit more costly, but the quality is not to be doubted. All Speedway Express wagons are handcrafted and Amish-made in a shop in Lancaster County, PA and are built to last.

So when thinking about which best wagon for kids to get for your child, the question you need to ask yourself is, “am I looking to save some money or do I want a wagon that is made with quality and built to last?”

Best Alternative for Kids Wagons

If you are looking for something fun and entertaining for your child, nephew, or niece but not sure a wagon is the right gift? Don’t worry, there are other fun options to look into besides a wagon.

tricycle wagon for kids

Speedway Tricycle for Kids

A tricycle is a perfect gift for a child who desires outdoor fun and entertainment. Allow your child to roam the neighborhood and show off his or her new tricycle. Pair this iconic tricycle with a small mini cart wagon for toy hauling for the ultimate combination to your kids smile.