Comparing The 5 Best Kids Tricycles

The tricycle is the first real vehicle that our kids get to have. There are the plastic trikes that they ride around the living room, but getting a real tricycle is a big moment. We went ahead and compared the 5 best kids tricycles. The durable, metal tricycles that your kids can ride all the way up to their first bike. These tricycles will generally range from 2 to 7 years old.

What Are The Best Kids Tricycles On The Market?

  1. Lapp Big Kids Tricycle
  2. Schwinn Roadster Tricycle
  3. Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike
  4. XJD Tricycle
  5. Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck
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Having a tricycle is the first real sense of freedom that kids get to have. They finally get to ride around the neighborhood and experience the feeling of being out with friends. Do you remember your first bike or tricycle? Learning to ride and create those memories is fundamental to being a kid. 

We want to give you the best moments with your kids. For some kids, opening that tricycle on their birthday or Christmas morning is one of the best moments for them all year! We thought the best way to make you the hero for them would be to help with the background research. Let’s take a deeper look at the best kids tricycles.

Lapp Big Kids Tricycle

*Best Older Kids Tricycle*

best kids tricycle with wagon

The Lapp Big Kids Tricycle offers the best quality and craftsmanship on the market. This tricycle is designed for kids around the age of 5 and provides a cushioned seat and classic rubber tires. Available in multiple colors, the Lapp Trike comes highly recommended by parents because it lasts for 20+ years! It is tough to find any tricycles like this, which is why it made our best kids tricycles list!

It is tough to find any tricycles like this out there. Most have elements of plastic, no rubber wheels, and are not as durable. This tricycle also offers an add-on! You have the option to purchase a tricycle wagon to hitch to the back of the tricycle!

The John Deer-themed tricycle in these pictures is what convinced me to purchase the larger pink version for my daughter. My brother purchased the green tricycle for my niece 20 years ago. It still works and looks fantastic!

-Brad S



Off-pavement wheels





Safety Rating: 9/10

This trike is designed to be a 2nd level trike. If you are looking for a trike to help your 10-month-old walk, this won’t entirely be the right fit. The parts on this tricycle are the most durable and will hold up under the stresses of the ride. This tricycle is safe but gets a rating of 9/10 because older kids can be rougher than younger ones when it comes to playing.


47 Pounds

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

*Best Low Rider Tricycle*

Photo Credit

You have probably heard the name Schwinn tossed around by your friends who are very into biking. Schwinn has always been an iconic name when it comes to these road machines. Their tricycle is no different. The laid-back look of this tricycle actually helps with posture and the ease of pedaling. This trike on our best kids tricycles list includes a 5-year warranty and is best designed for those in the 3-year-old range

I ordered this for my 2 and a half-year-old son after seeing him have lots of pedaling success on a friend’s Trek “Trikester” tricycle that is no longer made and impossible to find. What the Trikester and this Schwinn have over the standard trike is overall size/base and a lower center of gravity. 



Street Look

Alloy Steel


Non-Classic Tricycle Look

Often arrives missing parts

Safety Rating: 8.5/10

The low ride design is both a safety feature and has caused unsafe things to happen. There isn’t a way to fall out of the seat on a regular ride; however, your kid’s legs and feet have the potential to slip off the pedals onto the pavement. There is no actual room to extend down, which could lead to boo-boos on the toes. 


20 Pounds

Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike

*Best Beginner Tricycle*

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This tricycle is best for beginner riders. This is going to be a great transition from walking to riding for any kid! One of the coolest features is the small compartment on the back. This feature is not included in any of the other trikes on the best kids tricycles list! Now your kids can pack toys and books for their long journey! With a specific handle for parents to help control on the back, this is an excellent step into the freedom that the tricycle brings!

“I had this shipped to my little cousin for her 2nd birthday! It was a hit and stole the show at her party! My family has sent me many videos and pictures of her enjoying it even days after.”

-Emily B


Inexpensive Entry Level Trike

Storage Bin


Cheaper For A Reason

Tires Are Not Durable

Safety Rating: 9.7/10

This tricycle is designed for younger kids. Given the use being mainly driveway and indoor related, this trike gets very close to a 10. The plastic wheels also will not allow for as high speeds as other tricycles, so there is less chance of falling off.


10 Pounds

XJD Tricycle

*Best Adjustable Tricycle*

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One of the things that allowed this tricycle to make the best kids tricycles list is the number of ages that can use it! This trike is suitable for kids from 10 months to 3 years old. It actually adjusts to being a type of indoor walker. This allows your child to use it from a young age and continue to use it outdoors when they get older.

This trike is also the most lightweight, which is beneficial for safety. If anything were ever to happen where the tricycle was on a kid, it only weighs 6 pounds. Complete with a carbon steel frame and plastic tires, your child will be ready to roll with their new tricycle!

I purchased this tricycle for my grandson’s 2nd birthday. He does a great job on push toys but is too small for regular tricycles. Because this is a smaller version, it is the perfect size for him to learn the fundamentals of pedaling a tricycle.

Colleen S.


Adjustable Seat

Carbon Steel


Small In Comparison To Others

Breakable Pieces

Safety Rating: 8/10

The only concern with this bike is the wheels. While they have a sleek look, they are also hard plastic, allowing for rocks or other small things in the road to influence direction. This isn’t a bad thing when used for a toddler learning to walk indoors, but it is also designed to be outside. Just make sure if the wheels ever look rough to replace them.


6 Pounds

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle

*Best Classic Tricycle*

Photo Credit

Even though it is discontinued on Amazon you can still find this tricycle out there on the web. Specifically on Radio Flyer or Walmart’s website. The classic trike look is made complete with chrome features as well as the ringing bell. It has a built-in adjustable seat and hand grips to ensure your child is always holding on.

The other main safety feature is the controlled turn radius. This makes it very hard for your toddler to tip it over while riding.


Chrome Details

Durable Alloy Steel For Kids Up To 5


Breaks Over Time

Tough To Steer

Safety Rating: 8.5/10

This tricycle is built with sturdy materials that should hold up longer than other tricycles at this price. The safety concern lies in the tenure to which you have had this trike. There have been multiple reviews that talk about wobbly rides as the trike gets older


17 Pounds

Best Kid’s Tricycles Conclusion

best kids tricycle safety

We have collected a lot of information to make the best kids tricycle list, but when trying to figure out what tricycle you want to purchase for your child, start by looking at the most important features to you. My guess is that safety will be up at the top, followed by durability. To save you a few minutes, here is the list again in the order of most safe/durable to least. 

  1. Lapp Big Kids Tricycle – Safety/Durability Score: 9.5
  2. Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike – 8.8
  3. Schwinn Roadster Tricycle – 8.5
  4. Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle – 8.5
  5. XJD Tricycle – 7.7

We hope that this article has helped you understand a little bit more about the durability, safety, and decisions when it comes to picking a tricycle for your kids. We hope you have a great time buying one of the first significant gifts for them, and if you need any help, please contact us!

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