Wheels For Kids Wagons


Tires and Wheels For Kids Wagons

At Lapp Wagons, we pride ourselves on building you the best Kids Wagons available. However, even the best-built things need repair. Whether you ran over a nail and need a wheel to replace your popped one, or you want to upgrade to our flat-free wheels, we are here to help! Take a look below to see which wheels will work best for you. Also, check out our selection of tricycles wagons and tricycles for kids.

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Flat Free Tires | For Kids Wagons

Our flat-free tires are a great way to replace or upgrade the wheel(s) on your kid’s Wagon. With our new flat-free technology, gone are the days of needing to worry about filling your tires with air from a leak. With a variety of treading options for the tires, offering great traction no matter the terrain. You can enjoy taking your children on a wagon ride wherever the road may take you.

Our pneumatic wheels are a great way to replace the tires on your kid’s wagon. With a classic look, these tires can handle nearly any workload or terrain. The Pneumatic Wheels are shipped to you flat and must be filled up upon arrival. You will need some sort of air pump to fill this style of tire. If you would like some insight on getting the right size wheel, read our blog “How To Read Tire Sizes.”

Kids Wagon Sizes and Styles

Maybe you have realized that you don’t need a replacement wagon wheel. In fact, maybe you need an entirely new wagon. Look at our wagons and see which one seems to fit your family’s needs. Once you pick out the wagon, take a look at the accessories that can be added to your wagon!