Big Family Homestead Dump Wagon Review

Honest Review Of Lapp Wagon Dump Wagon

At Lapp Wagons we want people to give us their honest opinion about our products. Especially our larger carts that are great for use around the farm. So we connected with Brad And Christa over at Big Family Homestead.

Take a look at the video where they give us there honest review of our metal dump wagon. In their video, they utilize our 30″ x 60″ Metal Utility Wagon | Model #2000 with wheels upgraded to a 15″ Turf Wheel.

We also offer our utility wagon in a plastic tub option and a smaller aluminum wagon. These wagons are excellent for carrying mulch, garden equipment, or other farm waster around your property. Not only does this wagon function well for the, it also will help save your back. 

All of our wagons come with free shipping for the lower 48 states. These wagons are also eligible for our $10 off coupon. (This will be emailed for you to then apply at check out).

Big Family Homestead | Dump Wagon Options

Big Family Homestead | Metal Wagon Features

roofing utility cart lifting handle

Lift Handle

The lift handle on the dump wagon is made from metal with bolted on with screws to give you an easy lift with no wiggle or movement.

roofing utility cart with handle 1

Pull Handle

The pull handle is a heavy-duty metal rod that is made for tough hauls and sharp turns. Simply pull the handle and move the commercial roofing dump cart wherever you need.

roofing utility cart lifted 1

Lifted Base

The base of the dump wagon is easily liftable and provides ease when dumping out material. It uses heavy-duty metal to hold it down until forcefully pulled to avoid accidents.

roofing wagon wheel


The wheel of the roofing cart comes in a 13″ diameter + 4″ smooth rib tire to ensure a smooth trip and a safe haul.

Big Family Homestead | Plastic  Wagon Features

yard and garden cart bolt

Screw Bolt

The screws in the heavy-duty yard and garden cart are bolted in many areas to provide safety and reliability for any haul.

yard and garden cart lift handle

Lift Handle

The heavy-duty lift handle is an accessible feature on the yard and garden cart. Simply pull the handle upwards and watch all the product in the bucket come out.

yard and garden cart tub

Inner Tub

The inner tub of the sturdy yard and garden cart. Place material inside the heavy-duty bucket and leave your worries behind.

yard and garden cart handle


The handle on the yard and garden cart is built with hard metal and made to pull over 2000 pounds of heavy haul.