Pumpkin wagon

Pumpkin Wagons

In need of a wagon that will help you with your pumpkin picking this year? If so, you are at the right place. These quality-built wagons are sure to make your October pumpkin picking experience a ton easier and faster.

If you are searching the web for a pumpkin wagon you hope can last you a long time, this wagon is just that. See the options and features this pumpkin wagon has to offer below to find out why this wagon should be yours.

Pumpkin Wagons For An Ultimate Pumpkin Picking Experience

Closer Look at the Pumpkin Wagon

pumpkin wagon hardwood

Hardwood Base

The hardwood base on the pumpkin wagon allows for heavy-duty material to be transported safely on the wagon.

pumpkin wagon frame

Welded Steel Frame

The steel frame ensures all material placed in pumpkin wagon are safe and secure.

pumpkin wagon wheels

Ball-Bearing Wheels

The wheels on the pumpkin wagon are made to roll effortlessly. Never worry about having trouble pulling the load with these wheels.

pumpkin wagon heavy duty screws

Heavy-Duty Bolts

The pumpkin wagon is bolted in with screws along the wagon to ensure a safe and reliable ride.

Two Models to Choose From

You can choose between two pumpkin wagons for all your pumpkin picking needs. These wooden pumpkin wagons are sure to make your pumpkin picking experience the best it can be.

Heavy Duty Pumpkin Wagon Model #500

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Great Wagons!

Great quality wagons. Customer service is very professional and overall team is great!

The Pumpkin Wagon For All Your Product Transport Needs

The pumpkin wagon can be used not only for pumpkin picking, but also for orchards and other farm products. Get the wagon you can use for all your fruit and veggie picking today!

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