Replacement Tires and Wheels

Find your replacement flat free tires or pneumatic tires for air compressors, hand trucks (dollies), generators, pressure washers, and other utility equipment. We offer a variety sizes, treads and designs to meet your needs and even offer quantity discounts and wholesale options for wheels. We are happy to assist in any way possible. Give us a call at  717-733-2117 we will answer your questions.

Hard Rubber Tires

These hard rubber tires are most useful for hand trucks.

Flat Free Tires

Flat free tires for wagons, air compressors and more.

Pneumatic Tires

Flat air filled tires for your utility carts, garden wagons and more.

(learn about quantity discounts)

Wheelbarrow Replacement Tires

Flat free and Pneumatic tires for your wheelbarrow.

Flat Free Spoke Tires

Flat free tires for your garden cart, pony cart and more.

Quantity Discounts on Wheels

Are you a builder or retailer and need a large quantity of wheels. Lapp Wheels supplies wheel retailers across the USA with great prices. We offer quantity and wholesale wheel discounts. Click the button and fill out the form to get prices on larger quantities of wheels. 

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